• Skyfence Networks Ltd.

    Skyfence Networks Ltd.

    Skyfence Cloud Discovery Free is the #1 tool for obtaining visibility over SaaS apps and usage across your organization.

  • Ground Labs

    Ground Labs

    Ground Labs is a global leader in the development of security and auditing software solutions for PCI Compliance. Our Cardholder Data Discovery products include Card Recon and Enterprise Recon.

  • ITRP


    ITRP is a full-featured IT service management solution for the support of the core ITIL processes like Incident, Change, Configuration, Service Catalog and Service Level Management.

  • WhiteSource


    WhiteSource makes it easy for commercial software developers to keep track of OSS components, their licenses, risks, and requirements, and do so in an affordable fashion and without burdening developers.

  • Ascertia


    Ascertia is a global provider of Digital Signature products and solutions that enable trust within electronic workflows. Organisations can now safely cross the final hurdle in migrating old paper-intensive approval processes to the new secure digital world. Ascertia’s Digital Signing products are designed to be easy to integrate and use in a range of business scenarios.

  • Security Posture Assurance (SPA) by DigitalStakeout

    Security Posture Assurance (SPA) by DigitalStakeout

    DigitalStakeout® provides federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with a social media monitoring capability which identifies & locates persons of interest, identifies criminal activity, and yields actionable intelligence that enables crime prevention.

  • PingFederate by Ping Identity

    PingFederate by Ping Identity

    Simple, proven, and secure Enterprise Identity Bridge for inbound and outbound identity management. PingFederate enables single sign-on, federated identity management, mobile identity security, API security and social identity integration.

  • Mitto Online Password Manager

    Mitto Online Password Manager

    Mitto's free Internet password storage service lets you add the passwords to all of your favorite sites in one place then logs you in to each one of them by simply clicking a button. No need to remember or retype your passwords anymore!

  • Actian Ingres Database

    Actian Ingres Database

    Actian has pulled out all stops with the release of Ingres Database 10 making it even easier to migrate away from Big Software.

  • McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

    McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

    McAfee Database Activity Monitoring automatically finds databases on your network, protects them with a set of preconfigured defenses, and helps you build a custom security policy for your environment.

  • Tibco LogLogic

    Tibco LogLogic

    TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence technologies help you collect, index, and analyze logs, log files, and IT data from physical and virtual devices, on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Message Logic

    Message Logic

    Message Logic helps companies around the globe keep email and instant message content safe, secure and accessible with powerful, cost-efficient email and IM archiving, monitoring and retrieval that is flexible, scalable and dependable.