• RedFox Crypto chip

    RedFox Crypto chip

    The RedFox Carrier Module (RF-CM) is a flexible HSM designed to be used as a building block in a wide variety of products. It can run complex data processing logic and provides strict red-black separation in hardware

  • Tresys File Sanitization (XD Air)

    Tresys File Sanitization (XD Air)

    XD Air [USG program name FiST] provides unique mobile media protection by ONLY allowing trusted content to be shared. Using a kiosk based solution, XD Air inspects, filters and cleans data on your device.

  • STS Suite

    STS Suite

    STS Suite ensures integrity, security, long-term preservation and traceability of exchanged and archived electronic documents.

  • Enterprise Data Protection by Trend Micro

    Enterprise Data Protection by Trend Micro

    Trend Micro™ Enterprise Data Protection simplifies data security in today’s complex mobile environments by integrating data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, mobile security, and mobile device management (MDM) with your existing Trend Micro security suite

  • Biscom Delivery Server

    Biscom Delivery Server

    Biscom Delivery Server is an enterprise-class secure & managed file transfer software solution that secures & tracks large and confidential files.

  • EMBASSY Authentication Server (EAS) for Wave Systems

    EMBASSY Authentication Server (EAS) for Wave Systems

    EMBASSY Authentication Server (EAS) for Wave Systems provides centralised management, provisioning and enforcement for a Windows environment by using a combination of Trusted Processor Module (TPM) credentials, smart card credentials, biometrics and passwords.

  • Accellion Secure File Transfer

    Accellion Secure File Transfer

    Accellion, Inc provides enterprise-class secure mobile file sharing solutions that provide the ease-of-use employees need, while giving the enterprise organization the security protection it needs.

  • EMBASSY Remote Administration Server

    EMBASSY Remote Administration Server

    The EMBASSY Remote Administration Server, by Wave, is a single console that lets you manage the self-encrypting drives (SEDs) in all your devices remotely.

  • Password Generator 2013

    Password Generator 2013

    Random Password Generator 2013 is much more than just a password generator - it's a professional software for generating unique & secure random passwords / keycodes / numbers / serial numbers / usernames / any other short pieces of random "text."

  • Bizmanualz Onpolicy.com

    Bizmanualz Onpolicy.com

    Bizmanualz Onpolicy.com allows you to easily maintain company policy and compliance with online shared policy documents. Simple document workflows, email notifications, and required reading options allow the software to be your policy manager.

  • IronStratus


    IronStratus is all about removing complexity by combining the convenience and ease-of-use of the cloud, with the functionality and security you expect from an identity and access management tool.

  • DomainWatch


    DomainWatch scans your Google Docs, Sites, and Calendars so you can identify and quickly correct sharing violations, as set by your own custom policies.