• Message Logic

    Message Logic

    Message Logic helps companies around the globe keep email and instant message content safe, secure and accessible with powerful, cost-efficient email and IM archiving, monitoring and retrieval that is flexible, scalable and dependable.

  • CleanPort for SME

    CleanPort for SME

    CleanPort is not software, but a patented Managed Service; It is not installed on your desktop or network, but works by diverting your E-mail traffic to CleanPort simply by redirecting the MX-record of your mail server.

  • Datalock


    DataLock is the fastest, most reliable and effortless backup system trusted by tens of thousands of customers in business, government, education, R&D, medicine and other industries.

  • LashBack


    Only LashBack has the tools you need as an advertiser to see how your partners are operating, what their affiliates are sending and the exact messages the final recipient receives.

  • Storagepipe


    Storagpipe ismore than just an online backup software company. We offer a comprehensive suite of hosted disaster recovery solutions that give organizations greater control over their retention policies while allowing them to overcome complex backup management challenges through cost-effective automation.

  • Mailjet


    Mailjet's unique algorithm boosts your deliverability and our platform provides you with in-depth insight so you can optimize more than ever.