• Clavister


    The Clavister Virtual Series is a set of network security products designed for virtual and cloud-based security, offering excellent performance, powerful security features and resource efficient.

  • AlertLogic Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    AlertLogic Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Alert Logic Web Security Manager protects web applications from dangerous web app attacks with a combination of award-winning web application firewall technology and ActiveWatch management, monitoring and tuning services.

  • ClusterLoad


    ClusterScale load balancing solutions are known as ClusterLoad and consist of the nemasys, pegasys and clusterlite.ClusterLoad's hardware & virtual load balancing appliances offer the best performance, availability and flexibility to help make your applications indestructible.

  • Anyterm


    Anyterm Enterprise functions as a gateway on the network, it listens for connection requests and passes them securely through to the appropriate server. Throw away desktop emulators forever.

  • VXTracker


    VXTracker captures Call Detail Records (CDR)/Station Message Detail Records (SMDR) from each of your phone systems and constantly monitors thresholds to make sure you know before problems occur. It also stores data – as long as you´d like.

  • Monitorious


    Monotorius is a simple uptime monitoring service for all your needs - website monitoring, server monitoring and ping monitoring - made easy.

  • AlertFox Real Browser Website Monitoring

    AlertFox Real Browser Website Monitoring

    AlertFox End-User Monitor (EUM) manages website and web application availability and performance enabling organizations to synthetically monitor multi-step web transactions from an end-user perspective.

  • AlertBot Website and Server Monitoring

    AlertBot Website and Server Monitoring

    Alerbot's enterprise-class solutions help clients drive website performance that ensures a first class user experience.Our dedication to quality, customer care, and leading edge monitoring solutions makes us the number one choice for serious businesses.

  • PCSecurityShield - Sield Deluxe

    PCSecurityShield - Sield Deluxe

    SHIELD DELUXE 2013 provides superior, proactive and comprehensive protection from Viruses, Spyware, and other dangerous e-Threats without slowing down your PC!

  • JumpBox for the OpenVPN Networking Platform

    JumpBox for the OpenVPN Networking Platform

    The JumpBox for OpenVPN is an Open Source solution for creating a virtual private network. It uses an SSL-based design and has a lightweight approach that favors simplicity. Anyone can take advantage of this networking platform and create simple, remote access solutions.

  • OmniAnalyser


    OmniAnalyser™ is the only solution that delivers a homogeneous view of IT service quality and usage patterns across multiple applications and technologies in your IT infrastructure and thus provides the foundation for your decision-making process.

  • GFI


    GFI's range of cloud-based solutions help you secure, monitor, manage and maintain your network and messaging systems – with minimal effort.