• Semantico Access Management System (SAMS)

    Semantico Access Management System (SAMS)

    SAMS provides a powerful, flexible and fully customisable solution, built to handle the complex authentication issues created when students, academics and professionals access publisher platforms through institutional or personal subscriptions.

  • AEP Networks

    AEP Networks

    Ultra Electronics AEP Networks provides trusted security everywhere and secures data and voice communication regardless of device, environment or location. Delivering proven security architectures to more than 5,000 organisations all over the world including governments, enterprises and carriers.

  • Kinamik Secure Audit Vault

    Kinamik Secure Audit Vault

    The Kinamik Secure Audit Vault collects and preserves data from various sources including applications, identity and access management implementations, web services, databases, servers and networked devices, applying an “integrity seal” at a user-configurable level of granularity

  • JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management

    JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management

    Zenoss' powerful Configuration Management Database (CMDB) allows you to monitor almost any network device and displays this information to you intelligently so that you can take action. Zenoss is a tightly integrated toolset with an open source design that gives you flexibility.

  • FlashPanel


    FlashPanel is a powerful, user-friendly cloud management tool for Google Apps administrators that helps them better control and secure their Google Apps domains, delegate granular privileges to non-IT employees, and automate common management tasks..

  • Speech Labs EVS

    Speech Labs EVS

    Speech Labs develops compelling voice search solutions for the enterprise. From the boardroom to the call-center, our technologies are giving you new perspective into your business.

  • Puzzle eCommerce B2B

    Puzzle eCommerce B2B

    Puzzle e-Commerce B2B enables you to communicate and cooperate with retailers in real time. In addition to e-seller’s functionality, this product features a complete CMS (Content Management System), a system for updating content portal.

  • Traffic Engine

    Traffic Engine

    Traffic Engine provides powerful tools to create steady income streams and to shift your traffic's earning potential into overdrive. Display highly-targeted ad listings on your website in a format that maintains your site's look and feel.

  • Wolf


    WOLF is a Cloud Computing platform architected to help you design, deliver and use Software as a Service (SaaS) applications using only a web browser.

  • Admanage


    Admanage is a pay per click, in text, cpc banner, display advertising, cpv and domain parking affiliate and advertising network.

  • Rollbase


    Rollbase is a cloud platform that allows rapid creation of software as a service (SaaS) business applications using point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools in a standard browser with a minimal amount of code. Rollbase can be deployed to any cloud or in-house infrastructure.

  • LongJump Platform On-Demand

    LongJump Platform On-Demand

    LongJump is an online application platform for creating and delivering apps for managing data, streamlining collaboration and reporting.