• 5nine P2V Hyper-V and VMware Planner

    5nine P2V Hyper-V and VMware Planner

    5nine P2V Planner allows to create and compare Hyper-V and VMware P2V Migration plans side-by-side from technology and TCO/ROI standpoint, thus provides an ability to make a right choice of Virtualization technology to use for your data center consolidation

  • Cronacle by RedWood

    Cronacle by RedWood

    Cronacle improves competitive advantage by reducing process execution time by as much as 90%. It's simply the best technology available to support consistency and quality in your enterprise.

  • Codility


    Codility saves time for software talent recruiters by filtering out job candidates who cannot write correct programs.

  • Teepin


    Teepin is a smart web-based tool designed to motivate everyone at your organization. It's An idea management and channeling system that allows companies to engage and listen to everyone working in their organization.