The ultimate security solution for Cloud and virtualization



The Clavister Virtual Series is the ultimate security solution for Cloud and virtualization. Get awsome power and agility with the Clavister Virtual Series – Cloud Security the Right Way.


The Clavister Virtual Series offers powerful security features for your virtual environment. Easily deploy your Clavister Virtual Series in market-leading VMware virtualization environments. Its minimal footprint and extremely low resource requirements makes the Clavister Virtual Series an optimal solution for all types of virtual and cloud-based network security solutions.


Organizations, vendors and analysts agree that cloud services are here to stay. The market for cloud services has a rapid growth.  Today most organizations have deployed some of their virtual workloads in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment. Although, there are concerns about security in the cloud which hesitate organizations to implement cloud services in a broader manner. IDC analysts have predicted the cloud security market would be worth a substantial $6 billion by 2015. At Clavister we believe we have some interesting and innovative security solutions for Cloud providers.


Security in the Cloud environment is one of the biggest concerns when considering cloud adoption and a common reason to not adopting cloud services. Therefore, Cloud providers have to offer more comprehensive security capabilities to help their customers to invest in the Cloud and secure their complex, business-sensitive data.


Customers will be looking for the right security product to protect them when adapting Cloud services. Cloud providers who can provide a comprehensive security solution will gain a competitive advantage. This is an opportunity for Cloud providers to increase their revenue by adding value added services to the product portfolio.


Cloud Solutions


We believe we have some interesting new ideas to bring you exciting and innovative security solutions for the Cloud. Take a look on the solution ideas below and get inspired.


  • Enterprises – Virtual Firewall
  • For Hosting Providers – Security as a Service
  • Security Services for Internet Subscribers (ISP)



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