CleanPort for SME


Managed E-Mail Security


CleanPort for SME

Since the amount of unwanted E-mail still increases traditional solutions like software and appliances against SPAM and viruses are no longer sufficient. CleanPort Managed E-Mail Security offers the most advanced solution of this moment. CleanPort uses patented technology, and keeps on innovating by constantly adding newly developed technology and techniques like Advanced Greylisting en HICAR (Heuristic Character Recognition) to the service.


CleanPort is not software, but a patented Managed Service. Therefore CleanPort is not installed on your desktop or network, but works by diverting your E-mail traffic to CleanPort simply by redirecting the MX-record of your mail server. As a result your Email is filtered and scanned by CleanPort at a safe distance from your company’s network, while unwanted E-mail is quarantined, and the rest of the mail safely delivered.


Since CleanPort scans huge amounts of E-mails for over 10.000 customers with millions of users on a daily basis, the cost for innovation and support can be shared through all our customers. That is why we can provide our services at a very attractive price.


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