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Click2Call is a revolutionary change up to the affiliate marketing industry that leverages the technology of sophisticated online sales tracking and the ability to generate inbound calls from multiple mobile platforms.


C2C is very unique in the way that it already has a completely functioning process that is working for existing clients, and is being tested and improved on a daily basis. C2C is designed to drive potential customers from an online mobile ad, to an inbound call center based on categories. Click2Call has based all of it’s technology, and business model around performance based metrics.


Each inbound call generated is tracked, and quantified by the duration of the call to ensure only viable inbounds are tracked as conversions. This allows advertisers to be assured that they are only paying out on quality leads, and gives each affiliate the ability to track accurately viable traffic sources and campaigns that produce higher converting leads.


C2C has one of the most advanced proprietary technology in the mobile marketing space. What makes it so unique is that it has the ability to have multiple sub IDs along with it’s quality duration call tracking metrics. This opens the door entirely for multiple ways of tracking within the affiliate network space. Affiliates have complete visibility like they do on other networks, and advertisers are able to focus on inbound marketing helping to diversify their advertising efforts.



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