Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite


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Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

CRM systems record and report lots of information about the current state of your pipeline. But what they can’t do is understand the changes, trends, and patterns that you need to understand to uncover and address the risks in your pipeline. Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator, a core component of the Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite, is purpose-built to give you the actionable information about your pipeline that you need to deliver on your forecast. Pipeline Accelerator makes it possible for you to:


  • See changes: see exactly how your pipeline is changing, from the total pipeline all the way down to individual opportunities.
  • Identify risks: analyze your pipeline data to uncover the opportunities most likely to undermine your forecast.
  • Get actionable information: see information about your pipeline that helps you focus on the right opportunities, make informed decisions, and coach sales teams more effectively.


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