CloudController® bridges the gap between the corporate data center and the back-office



The CloudController® application is the flagship product from InContinuum Software. It is a ‘Cloud Automation Engine’ (CAE) that enables any public, private or hybrid provider to deliver anything as a managed service (XaaS) in a ‘hands-free’ mode of operation, which allows self-service.

CloudController® bridges the gap between the corporate data center and the back-office. CloudController® delivers consistency to IT customer-facing and back-office operations. By adding operational intelligence from an organization’s IT business and systems administration procedures to standardized workflows, our customers realize significant improvements in operational efficiency. CloudController® seamlessly integrates to existing Virtual Data Center infrastructure avoiding drastic changes to existing corporate policies and established best practice.

By enabling organizations to utilize their VDC as a cloud-based platform for delivering managed services, CloudController® allows them to realize significant savings in their Total Cost of Ownership and Operations. Our multi-tiered user and role hierarchy provides both Corporate and Service Provider customers with the functionality and business process integration required to service multiple classes of internal and external customers – all with the simplicity of a secure, web-based management application interface. With seamless scalability from small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, CloudController® delivers tangible benefits, offering our customers the flexibility to operate their IT infrastructure within a known, consistent operations framework.


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