CloudLock Firewall for Google Apps


Establish enterprise-class cloud security practices to protect user accounts and information.


CloudLock Firewall for Google Apps

Google Apps provides an opportunity for enterprises to transform the way they deliver IT. The platform extensibility and rich ecosystem of 3rd party applications allow employees to work the way they live. Enterprises can accelerate and multiply the ROI of Google Apps by allowing their employees to adopt the web and mobile apps that make them most productive.


CloudLock Apps Firewall gives IT the peace of mind that employees can use the apps they want securely, establishing safeguards around apps that access accounts and data. CloudLock Apps Firewall discovers all web and mobile apps authorized by all users, provides the ability to classify them based on risk profile and Community Trust Rating, increases employee awareness with email alerts, and allows IT to revoke apps in bulk.


Increase Adoption of 3rd Party Apps


CloudLock Apps Firewall lets organizations establish enterprise-class cloud security practices to protect user accounts and information:


  • Discover – Automatically detect all apps granted access in the domain
  • Classify – Allow or ban apps based on their risk profile and community intelligence
  • Remediate – Take action to secure your domain by revoking unapproved apps and notifying associated users
  • Monitor – Continuously monitor the environment for new apps that are added to the domain


CloudLock Apps Firewall is designed to allow users the freedom and flexibility to perform their daily tasks while providing IT with the visibility and control to enforce the Approved Application Policy (AAP).


CloudLock Apps Firewall:


  • Maintains control of sensitive information and intellectual property without blocking user productivity
  • Provides effective, ongoing monitoring and discovery of new apps added to the domain
  • Crowdsources community re
  • commendations on which apps to ban or trust
  • Drives user productivity by promoting safe, approved applications
  • Protects the domain from unapproved application access
  • Supports a distributed and mobile workforce, applying consistent security regardless of endpoint device


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