CloudSwitch by Verizon Terremark


The seamless hybrid cloud solution that’s revolutionizing enterprise IT.


CloudSwitch by Verizon Terremark

Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud sets the standard for enterprise-class cloud computing—with the SLA levels, security models, professional services, and world-class data centers that allow organizations to run their critical applications in the cloud with confidence. Enterprise Cloud now includes award-winning CloudSwitch software that bridges your data center with Terremark’s cloud computing services to create a compelling hybrid model for enterprise IT. Enterprise Cloud becomes a seamless, elastic extension of your IT infrastructure (whether your own data center or a Terremark colocation or managed services environment). New and legacy apps can be deployed into the cloud with point and click simplicity, and managed as if they were running locally.


Rather than endless data center build-outs, Enterprise Cloud with CloudSwitch software lets you run your applications in much more agile and cost-effective ways. Whether you’re migrating existing applications to the cloud or creating new ones, your cloud-based resources will integrate automatically with critical internal processes and management tools. Offload non-critical applications to preserve your data center resources, or automatically scale out applications when usage spikes—all this and more, without changing anything, and with the security your business depends on.


Terremark understands that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information is a top priority for enterprises and government agencies, and enterprise cloud software addresses these concerns with multi-layer security. At the core: the CloudSwitch isolation layer that encompasses your entire cloud deployment. Within this secure envelope, applications and data are encrypted end to end, from inside your firewall, across the Internet, and throughout the Enterprise Cloud. Encryption keys are always under your control, and delivered to the cloud inside the envelope only when needed. Around this core, we add the physical security of our data centers, the availability of our grid architecture, and the most advanced tools, services and instrumentation, managed by experienced and certified security professionals.


Features at a Glance:


  • Enterprise-Class Agility: Point and click your Windows and Linux applications into the cloud with NO changes. Servers can also be started or stopped automatically on a scheduled basis or in response to events, such as when a specified threshold is reached.
  • Enterprise-Class Resources: Enterprise Cloud’s virtual private datacenter technology gives you access to discrete, dedicated pools of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage), built on a widely-scalable, exceptionally reliable computing architecture.
  • Enterprise-Class Control: Manage applications in the cloud as if they were running locally, using familiar tools and processes in a single, integrated environment. Cloud resources become part of your enterprise infrastructure, with external resource pools appearing alongside internal ones.


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