Bring your CRM into your inbox.



CRM is not always easy to adopt. Managing and keeping it updated is often seen as a burden by sales and marketing people. With Collabspot, users can integrate their CRM with where they truly spend most of their time, their inbox. It then makes it easy to get value out of the data stored in the CRM and strengthen sales delivery by adding new and updated content.


Simplify data entry

Save emails to your CRM with a single click without having to manually enter them. From Gmail, you can easily create contacts and manage Tasks, Deals/Opportunities, and Cases related to customers.


Increase CRM adoption

Instantly view contact info, upcoming and recent activities, and manage Opportunities and Cases without opening the CRM. Having easily accessible data will encourage your team for better engagement and more efficient CRM use.


Increase productivity

Data becomes more accessible to your business developers and marketing/sales reps. They will be able to easily keep the information up-to-date and prevent new leads from falling through the cracks.



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