Contactology Email Marketing


Email marketing software that is more than a product – we’re a service.


Contactology Email Marketing

Contactology is an email marketing software provider located in Durham, North Carolina. Founded in 2002, Contactology offers powerful email marketing software for companies, nonprofits and individuals who are using email marketing to grow and sustain their visions.


Contactology provides users with cutting edge email marketing and web technologies that maximize ROI. “We’re more than a product – we’re a service. We understand the importance of stellar customer service, and that’s what every account receives, regardless of size.”


Contactology has built a powerful email marketing package that allows users to create, send and track email marketing newsletters. Our surveys module allows you to easily tie online surveys into your email marketing, providing you with a 360 degree communication platform for connecting with your subscribers. Send information through email marketing and get feedback from your subscribers with online surveys.

“Knowledge is power. That’s why we make it easy to integrate with other online tools like CRMs, help desks and analytic packages.”


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