Simple Contract Making



Features of Contractually include:

  • Secure Signatures – Invite someone to sign with just their email address, and get a document signed with a legally valid, encrypted signature.
  • Collaboration with Version Control – Get your whole contracts team on the same page. Easily track contract changes from version to version.
  • Contract Status Tracking – See the status of your active contracts pipeline, to move deals to completion and to manage your business better.
  • Import Existing Contracts – Import your existing contracts to create your own reusable templates. Create custom fields in your templates to speed up contract generation.
  • Contract Templates – Start with our predefined contract templates like NDAs, consulting agreements and IP agreements. Or import your own contracts.
  • Custom Workflows – Not every document goes through the same review process. Create your own custom workflows for different kinds of contracts, following your business rules and team processes.
  • Security & Reliability – With a lawyer as founder, we understand the importance of security and reliability. Our servers are hosted by one of the most trusted and reliable providers in the industry, providing 99.99% uptime. Our platform uses 256-bit SSL encryption and backs up your data and contracts constantly and securely.


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