Contus Groupon Clone

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The first and best group buying software.


Contus Groupon Clone

Group buying or Local commerce, has created a new revolution in the Ecommerce industry. Contus developed this product to save cost, time and effort for the customers who wants to start a daily deals or group buying website in their locality.


Our products has all the features to setup a daily deals business and succeed in the same and also to super seed the competition. There are lot of reasons to choose Contus Group Clone as your primary software for your group buying, daily deals business.


Following are some of the reasons:


  • Developed on world best eCommerce platform.
  • Over 18000 hours of combined efforts from our developer and design team.
  • Fully functional features.
  • We act as your outsourced technology company.
  • Complete set of add-ons to run a successful daily deals script.
  • Company utilization of Social Media tools
  • Highly secure by the power of Magento (An eBay Company).
  • Easily customizable by any other magento developer across the globe.
  • Integration support for all Major payment gateways
  • Installable on all major hosting server companies.
  • Support all major mailing systems for deal notifications.
  • Fully functional Merchant systems.
  • Beautiful free themes options.
  • Support more than 100 Languages and currencies


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VN:F [1.9.21_1169]
Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)