Enterprise-class Management for KVM and Xen



Convirture was founded to solve several acute challenges faced by an increasing number of businesses.
The challenge :When open source hypervisor packages gained functionality similar to their commercial counterparts, data centers and QA and test labs began deploying them. If you are among the companies who adopted open source virtualization in the early days, you’re familiar with the original problem we set out to solve: the labor-intensive process of manual systems management for virtualized data centers based on Xen, KVM or both.


We’ve now turned our focus to solving a new problem. Enterprise clouds are the next step in the evolution of the virtualized data center. However, depending on how a cloud is implemented, it can create a significant new challenge for a data center manager. Many standalone enterprise cloud solutions create new infrastructure silo’s by requiring you to dedicate resources to cloud services, walling them off from the resources devoted to your traditional virtualization.


Convirture’s mission is to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of your virtualized data center and enterprise cloud. To achieve this we’ve delivered the ConVirt family of systems management solutions, which have been guided every step of the way by our core philosophy and values, which are outlined for you below.


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