Server Monitoring and Cloud Monitoring.



CopperEgg next-generation cloud monitoring provides simple, smart, and fast insight into the performance, quality, and availability of websites, web applications, servers, and systems. Our SaaS-based server monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud analytics deliver immediate intelligence into critical cloud performance problems, correlated visibility into developing trends, and split-second decision support for organizations of all sizes. CopperEgg products are simple to try, install, use, and grow. Our scalable, big data monitoring platform maximizes visibility, minimizes false alarms, and optimizes performance fidelity.


Multiple Platforms

Monitor multiple servers at the same time, from the same interface. Whether your servers are physical, virtual, on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of these, get the performance insight you need from any location. Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, FreeBSD.

Alert Management

Active Alerting and Notifications – Built in Alerting and Notifications. Out of the box alerts. Create and edit as you need for production, staging and development environments. Triggers, durations, clearing events. Tag-aware for targeted escalation, delivery, finer control.

DevOps Integrations

Automation and Control – REST API to GET data out or POST data in. Automation with Chef and Puppet. Alert actions with Webhooks. Notifications via Pagerduty, Mobile Push, Twitter DM, HipChat, Basecamp, SMS.

Multi-User Accounts

Collaboration – Share our cloud performance monitoring with other team members, or even provide restricted read-only views to customers.

Pay As You Go

Elastic Pricing – Base plans with pay-per-use hourly rates for additional servers and metrics. Volume pricing, freemium option. 10 second install with 2-week, unlimited use trial.


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