Extending your office collaboration suite with mash-up applications, workflow and mobile.



Do you want to reduce your overall office collaboration suite costs by an order of magnitude? Put your office collaboration functionality on mobile devices? Compose outcome focused applications incredibly quickly?


Cordys Process Factory is the ultimate “Enterprise Mash-up Platform” that allows you to easily develop and use process-centric cloud applications to solve your business needs. Cordys benefits include:


  • No upfront investments: No need to invest heavily in computing equipment, installation costs and other services.
  • Enterprise Ready: High performance, secure and multi-tenant cloud platform.
  • No Coding: Develop MashApps by dragging and dropping. MashApps are immediately deployable.
  • Bridging on-premise and Cloud: On-premise data can be brought into your cloud environment, using web services.
  • Google Apps Integration: Integrate your applications with your Google Apps for Business account.


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