Ad Serving Saas



Coull is a market-leading performance network specializing in monetizing video content.Video is a major driver of demand for brands and products. Coull’s platform enables in-video affiliate links which convert that demand into conversions for advertisers and revenue for publishers.


For publishers, we have a large selection of video content from big-name advertisers, all with affiliate links already integrated. These can be added to websites or blogs, and commissions are earned when a viewer engages with the click-able affiliate link in the video. Publishers can also integrate other affiliate links within their own video content to earn revenue on a Cost-Per-Action (sale, lead, sign-up etc) or Cost-Per-Click basis.Our self-serve platforms gives advertisers a simple way to import their video content and integrate products as actionable links, making it available to our network of high-quality publishers, providing a new channel for generating incremental revenue.


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