A software development company specialising in add-ons for Sales and Marketing systems.



ProvenWorks is a software development company specialising in add-on solutions for Sales and Marketing systems.

Most companies look at how they can automate their production processes but so few pay the same attention to their sales and marketing processes. ProvenWorks helps companies answer questions like:

– How much of your prospect database has been contacted in the last month, quarter, year? Are you getting the most value from it?
– Which accounts are the most difficult to get through to? Are callbacks being set and followed-up?
– How many accounts is each account manager / telemarketer touching each day?
– How fresh are the contacts in there? When were they last confirmed as being correct?
– How many unique companies are there in your prospect database?
– Which data needs to be refreshed / supplemented from a third-party supplier?



ProvenWorks has launched CountryComplete – a tool for reliably completing the Country Field within Salesforce.com.


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