Courion’s Access Risk Management Suite


Protect yourself on all fronts — on-premise, mobile, cloud and virtual environments.


Courion's Access Risk Management Suite

In today’s open business environment, it’s critical for organizations to protect themselves on all fronts — on-premise, mobile, cloud and virtual environments.

Courion takes Access Risk Management to the next level, providing organizations with a comprehensive, best practices solution for easily identifying, quantifying and managing risk while delivering the industry’s fastest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership.The Access Risk Management Suite enables organizations in industries across the board, to improve security, corporate and regulatory compliance and increase operational efficiency — ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources and are doing the right things.

Powered by an underlying access intelligence engine, Access Insight identifies associations and patterns in user access privileges that might violate compliance guidelines of company policies. The structure of the product’s access intelligence cube helps organizations create near-real-time graphical profiles of the most critical security risks to information — replacing manual data sorting and risk scoring that lacks context, and a connection to business priorities.


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