Social Tools for Better Work



Coworkers.com’s mission is to help teams and individuals improve their work. We do this by building intuitive, social tools centered around the four pillars of work performance: Feedback, Recognition, Goals, and Rewards.


How businesses use Coworkers.com…


  • Small to medium business without dedicated HR, looking for an easy, inexpensive way to manage performance.
  • Larger organization with existing HR/HCM team that does not have time to focus on employee motivation and retention.
  • Forward thinking talent manager looking to augment/replace formal performance review processes with a fresh, social approach that people are eager to use.
  • Executive who is concerned about company dynamics and wants to initiate an ongoing improvement cycle.
  • Team leader who wants to increase the level of enthusiasm on a project by offering incentives for excellent work.
  • Consultant who needs a tool that is easy to use for one-time assessments, and can also be recommended as a leave-behind.


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