CPatrol for SMTP Free


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CPatrol for SMTP Free

CPatrol for SMTP is a high performance email security solution on the market unique in the way how it handles security. Filter email content, control spam and stop viruses according to YOUR rules! Everything easily deployed directly on top of your existing mail server, without the need for any new expensive hardware, hard changes in your existing infrastructure or lengthy installation and configuration. Deploy CPatrol independently from your infrastructure platform as a virtual server ready-to-deploy in Linux or Microsoft environment.

Key benefits

  • Protects your network from email borne viruses using multiple antivirus engines, capable of working simultaneously
  • Stops outgoing sensitive documents that could compromise your company and logs any suspicious user activity
  • Fights spam using a powerful ISP-grade spam-filter
  • Stops data injection and corruption by stripping HTML tags, Java Scripts and other malicious code
  • Conserves network bandwidth by managing the transfer of emails with undesirable content such as images, audio or video files
  • Protects against legal liability by control and automatic
    attachment of legal disclaimers
  • Easy and secure server management with Client running under Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7/ Server 2003/ Server 2008 and Linux operating systems.


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