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CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is a digital advertising company and a global distribution network serving more than 3 billion daily interactive ad impressions across display, video and mobile platforms. The company’’s core capabilities are divided into three distinct segments.


  • CPX Media provides 100% managed services to Brands and Agencies, incorporating proprietary inventory, technology and targeting protocols.
  • CPX Demand supplies unduplicated scalable online inventory in a real-time bidding (RTB) environment to DSPs, Trading Desks and other RTB enabled buyers.
  • CPX Data manages and synthesizes enormous volumes of campaign data sets, allowing the company to incorporate unique data driven optimization products and services for advertiser and publisher partners at no additional costs.


CPX Interactive has a private marketplace of more than 4,000 quality publisher sites and delivers more than 90 billion impressions to more than 65 countries every month and has proven success with more than 300 major brands worldwide.


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