CRM for Utilities by Pega


Customer Relationship Management for Utilities


CRM for Utilities by Pega

Utilities must strike the right balance between customer expectations and business objectives to deliver an experience that benefits both the utility and consumers.  Pegasystems offers a transformational approach to customer relationship management (CRM) with solutions that help you build deeper and more durable customer relationships. Pega solutions for the cloud and on-premise provide the adaptive and dynamic intelligence you need to deliver exceptional experiences at a cost that benefits your business. And when the time is right, sophisticated analytics combined with real-time decisioning prompt agents to deliver the right offers at the right time.


Pegasystems puts this power to innovate into the hands of the business stakeholders at utilities. Unlike inflexible packaged applications or IT-intensive custom applications, Pega CRM solutions make it easy for you to turn business objectives into streamlined, customer-focused processes that maximize your business advantage.


  • Deliver superior service across all channels. Empower agents and representatives with a dynamic, unified desktop and front-to-back office integration that provides transparency across all lines of business and channels.
  • Reduce service costs. Automated processes guide self-service users to the right answer, deflecting costly calls to the contact center, while enterprise case management and easy integration with current CRM and enterprise systems provide comprehensive front-to-back office automation.
  • Promote utility programs.  Leverage advanced analytics and real-time decisioning to dynamically recommend relevant offers based on the current interaction, customer behavior, previous results, risk and other business metrics.
  • Optimize consistency. Deploy a centralized strategy for consistent, intelligent interactions across every channel and guide agents and online customers through the process of choosing products and services, setting up accounts and completing applications.


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