Cronacle by RedWood


The most powerful process automation engine for your business.


Cronacle by RedWood

Cronacle gives you the most powerful process automation engine for your business. With it, customers have improved competitive advantage by reducing process execution time by as much as 90%. It’s simply the best technology available to support consistency and quality in your enterprise.


Cronacle gives you:


  • Centralized control and monitoring of cross-system business and IT processes
  • Improved operational efficiency with an easy to use Web interface
  • The power to automate manual processes
  • An automation platform to connect and orchestrate all of your strategic IT applications–across all platforms, silos and technologies

Cronacle Mobile™ and Mobile Alerting Service: Automation Anywhere


  • With the Cronacle Mobile App and any of our process automation solutions, you can use your iPhone™ or iPad® to actively monitor and manage business-critical processes anytime, anywhere.
  • The Cronacle Mobile Alerting Service delivers time-critical system information immediately to your iPhone or iPad. 


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