The anti-CRM system for managing customer wins.



The entire CustomerWinHQ system consists of two pages—one that lists all customers and to-do’s, or those that meet your search criteria, and one with a close-up of a particular customer. That’s it, couldn’t be simpler.


  • Just easy – All major actions on CustomerWinHQ are designed to be easy. Add a customer in a single click, view and sort priorities in a single click, copy/paste whole email signatures in a single click, auto-save changes in, well… zero clicks… you get the picture.
  • Separate status for every deliverable – Every type of deliverable for a customer has its own status, so you can track the customer’s interview, press release, YouTube video, and Word doc separately and store them all directly in the system.
  • Light customization – Column headers are designed to work out of the box for tracking customer win stories and deliverables—but if you want to change some, just edit in place. Add new types to track contacts or to-do’s of any kind.
  • Easy sharing with colleagues and clients – CustomerWinHQ is cloud-based, so all your stakeholders can view content directly in the system. If some prefer viewing in Excel, export the data in a single click.


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