Hard drives do fail.

You need complete confidence that your data is preserved in a place where you can retrieve it quickly and easily. Made specifically for New Zealand and Australia, DataLock’s automated backup is faster, easier and more secure than any method available today.


IT Specialist Andrew Schick founded DataLock to bring the world’s most advanced backup technology to New Zealand companies. Online backup has been a preferred method in the US, UK and Europe for many years, but until DataLock, New Zealand lacked a single system that combined all of the finest backup features. As a result, DataLock’s team built the solution they wished they had when they were in their clients’ shoes.


DataLock is the fastest, most reliable and effortless backup system trusted by tens of thousands of customers in business, government, education, R&D, medicine and other industries. More than 120 IT companies throughout New Zealand and Australia are proud to protect their clients’ data using DataLock. With such a large network of providers, organisations in every region are guaranteed local, in-person support for the setup and maintenance of their backup systems.


At DataLock, we are equally concered with the reliability of our people as with our technology. We ensure that every customer receives personal, attentive support from DataLock’s experienced technicians, any time they need.


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