DeployMaster by Just Great Software


The no-nonsense software installer builder.


DeployMaster by Just Great Software

DeployMaster is the solution you need to distribute your Windows software or other computer files, via the Internet or on CD or DVD.



DeployMaster is the no-nonsense installation builder that will deliver your software with a good first impression: a smooth installation. Computer novices enjoy its ability to install your software without asking any questions, while computer experts enjoy the control and feedback it offers when they click the “Advanced Options Installation” button. And you will enjoy both the positive response from your customers and the ability to effortlessly build those setup packages with DeployMaster.



DeployMaster can create a single installer that installs your software on Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, and 8. If you have 32-bit and 64-bit versions of your software, you can create a combined 32/64-bit installer, or separate 32-bit and 64-bit installers. At only US$ 99 per developer, DeployMaster is very affordable.



Build user-friendly, professional installers:



  • The no-questions-asked installation option allows people inexperienced with computer to instantly install your software.
  • The advanced installation option gives computer experts among your customers full control.
  • DeployMaster creates small and fast self-extracting setups, ideal for downloadable software.
  • The uninstaller will properly remove all traces of the software.
  • Your software can be easily upgraded. DeployMaster will detect any previous installation, and automatically reuse the choices made during the previous installation.
  • Users can easily add or remove components by running the installation again.
  • Create portable installations on removable devices, without administrator rights.


Packaging your software could not be easier:



  • Easy, straightforward GUI interface. No need to learn yet another scripting language.
  • DLLs, ActiveX controls, type libraries, and fonts are registered automatically.
  • Embed installers of 3rd party libraries and components within your own installer.
  • Run any installed executable or batch file to perform extra installation tasks, and optionally delete them when they’ve done their job.
  • Extend the functionality of the installer with a DLL that you can write in the language of your choice. (Samples provided in C and Delphi.)
  • The installer can be fully translated with DeployMaster, or with a text editor.
  • You can invoke the builder from the command line, or call it from an automated build or make tool.


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