DeskCenter USA Inc. IT Management Suite


IT Management beyond expectations


DeskCenter USA Inc. IT Management Suite

Discover a complete solution with market-leading technology. With its powerful approach strongly influenced by realistic requirements, it will redefine your expectations. The mature usability will enable you to work productively within minutes.  Is this a revolution?  We say it’s a new standard.  Flexible because it is built in a modular way, the DeskCenter Management Suite has a unique usability in all modules.  It was developed to guarantee the seamless integration of all modules available.  All functions are available from one console with a consistent user interface and structure.


The Suite that grows with your needs. The DeskCenter Management Suite gives you the freedom to choose.  All functions are included from the beginning.  You can add modules by just changing the license key, at any time.


  • Deal with all administrative tasks
  • Control complex IT structures
  • Manage workflows
  • All processes operated by one database
  • Capable of being integrated into every environment
  • Open interfaces to other systems
  • Easy to understand, fast to be productive
  • Short return on investment time


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