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Ad Serving Saas



DeskGod’  provides small and medium businesses with the same kind of software tools that only the largest corporations have. Giving them the best tools and the ability to be fully competitive, the power to keep growing in the event of a bad economy, and giving the companies the edge they are looking for to grow faster.


Marketers need to interact seamlessly with their customers across all stages of the sales funnel, and they need data and analytic insights to understand where and how to allocate their budgets for maximum return.DeskGod builds the Visitors Lifecycle Management(VLM) suite, that makes this possible, effective and dare I say it, even fun.


ROI Analytics

Instantly see your marketing performance by campaign, by user and more.

Fraud Protector

Save your marketing budget. Analyze and Prevent fraud clicks.

Real-time User Monitoring

Watch your visitors behavior in real time as if on surveillance cam.

Live Chat

Engage with customers early in the buying process. Boost your website’s trust and credibility.

Email Marketing

No-hassle solution for email marketing; make the most out of modern marketing techniques.

Help Desk

Generate customer loyalty as you listen, respond, and delight your users in ways not possible before.

Task Manager

Save time by managing tasks and working more effectively.

Storage Manager

Be in touch with your company files from anywhere, anytime.

Knowledgebase Manager

Raise Productivity and Efficiency. Produce and conserve your company knowledge




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