dMine Business Dashboards


Executive Dashboards for business users and management


dMine Business Dashboards

dMine Business Dashboard is a User driven, multi-data sources, rich user interface system that offers an highly functional, feature-rich integrated graphical view of business data. dMine provides decision makers with the flexibility to create, view, interpret and monitor Business Parameters while minimizing IT overhead.dMine allows the users to create, collaborate, monitor and schedule all kinds of Dashboards like Organizational KPIs, Balanced Scorecards, Sales Dashboards, Service Monitoring Consoles or Simple Operational Metrics MIS.



dMine Dashboard can interface with multiple systems in the backend to give an integrated representation of the most relevant data. Business users can decide:



  • the data they want to use (eg. Sales, Financial, Operational etc)
  • the way they want to see (eg. Bar graphs, Pie Charts, Dials, Funnels etc.)
  • in the format they want to share (eg. PDF, PPT etc)



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