Google Apps Security Tool



Have you been worrying about the security of your Google Docs? DomainWatch has the solution. Our simple, intuitive security application lets you track sharing of Google Docs, Google Calendars and Google Sites.


Google Apps is revolutionizing the way organizations do business. Suddenly, sharing is simpler, faster and more productive than ever before. But more sharing creates more questions. Like, are sensitive documents only being shared the way they should be?


DomainWatch was created to make sure you always have the answers you need. It gives you a simple and reliable way to keep tabs on how Docs, Sites and Calendars are being shared.After you set up policies for your organization, DomainWatch runs regular scans. While we are monitoring your domain for sharing violations, we also report on storage consumed, trash bins overflowing, site themes used, and calendars subscribed. It then provides the updates you need in an easy-to-use Dashboard. Need to pinpoint info on individual users and documents? DomainWatch lets you do it with a thoughtfully designed and robust feature


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