eG Enterprise Suite by eG Innovations


End To End Monitoring Solution for The Next Gen IT Infrastructure


eG Enterprise Suite by eG Innovations

eG Innovations performance management & monitoring solutions simplify and accelerate discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance problems in virtual environments.


Features of eG Enterprise Suite:

  • Less demanding on your operators: Integrated multi-tier enterprise service monitoring allows your IT operators to track the quality of the business services end-to-end and relate this to critical network, system, and application performance. You get pre-defined models for over fifty popular software applications. Now your service operators can manage your infrastructure, without years of technical training… or worse… finger pointing at the silo managers.


  • Focus on the cause rather than effects: eG Enterprise’s patented automatic triage capability makes problem diagnosis very simple. Considering inter-application and network interdependencies, eG is able to automatically differentiate between the cause and effect of problems, so service operators can focus on the cause, rather than being distracted by the effects.


  • Clear problem demarcation: eG Enterprise’s layer model representation for different applications and network devices enables clear demarcation of the problem (i.e. whether network, server, or application) with minimal effort. This capability eliminates finger-pointing across domains.


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