Distributed Remote Storage System



ElasticDrive is a distributed Remote Storage application that allows you to access your data regardless of location with the assurance your data is safe.


Key Features include:


  1. Instantly Backup Local Data to a Remote File System – In addition to local site physical and virtual server protection, ElasticDrive Remote Storage extends data protection to remote sites using secure & powerful data replication.
  2. Fully Customizable & Expandable Network Hard drive – ElasticDrive can leverage cost-effective local & remote disks to augment daily tape backup systems with continuous protection. This minimizes data loss during the day and maximizes business continuity.
  3. Instant Recovery of Data – If a local site experiences failure or downtime, it can recover its data from a remote site. Once the facilities at the local site are fixed, the remote replicated data can be written back to the local site to resume operations.
  4. Network Block Device – Configure Elasticdrive to behave like a typical hard drive enabling formatting the device with a filesystem of your choice (ext2, reiser, FAT, JFS XFS) and mounting it to a directory or in a mirrored RAID array.
  5. Long-Term Data Retention – ElasticDrive provides the unique capability of writing backups to a local disk and a remote storage systems simultaneously. The very same data could be available on-line for quick restores from a disk and off-site.
  6. Connect to Web Based Storage – ElasticDrive provides the ability to connect one or more web based storage systems including Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, or even your very own storage area network!


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