email2 Security Platform


Brilliantly Simple: Don’t give up basic email. Transform it.


email2 Security Platform

email2 Security Platform provides seamless integration with an organization’s existing email programs and mobile phones such as Outlook® and Exchange®, Blackberry®, iPhone®, as well as external or Guest User’s individual personal email programs such as Gmail® or Yahoo Mail®.


Major features include:


  • Email encryption enables professionals to securely send and receive encrypted email and documents outside the organization by leveraging their existing use and familiarity with the number one method for business communication today – email.
  • Send & receive encrypted email & attachments with Microsoft Outlook®, Secure Webmail, mobile phones and tablet devices (BYOD) using existing email addresses.
  • Users on mobiles & tavlet devices are covered with a mobile-enabled Webmail, and native apps for all major operating systems such as iPhone®, iPad® and Android®.
  • Provides a branded end-to-end encrypted email communication channel that uses the same security technology as internet banking (closed-circuit email).


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