Virtual IT in the Cloud for the On-Demand Enterprise



ENKI’s mission to provide Virtual IT has led us to analyze all the components of a successful internal production IT capability and reproduce them in our Cloud-enabled IT services.

We started with best-of-breed technology solutions to virtualizing computing, storage, and networking resources for our customers at the highest levels of reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Then we added on-demand services that enable you to use our technology solutions without building an extensive internal IT capability. Finally, we picked technology partners and vendors that share our vision to help us deliver this service.


The result is IT as a Service – delivered on a fully virtual computing platform, allowing companies to access highly scalable and reliable enterprise-class information technology. The offerings that make up this capability include:


  • ENKI | PrimaCloud Enterprise Cloud Computing -The highest levels of reliability and performance with VMWare compatibility.
  • ENKI | PrimaCare Operations-as-a-Service – Service, support, and completely outsourced IT administration and management frees you to focus on your business.
  • ENKI | PrimaCare Professional Services – Take advantage of ENKI’s experience in designing and building applications for the cloud as well as building highly automated cloud datacenters to host them in
  • ENKI | PrimaView Enterprise Grade Remote Monitoring – Improve performance and reliability of your applications or infrastructure through detailed measurement, reporting, and alerting, for deployments either inside our cloud or outside it.
  • ENKI | PrimaSys Private or Public Cloud Installation and Management – Get your own instance of ENKI’s Computing Utility or PrimaCloud running at the location of your choice – including our datacenter. Use your instance to provide internal (private) cloud services or external (public) cloud services without having to hire additional employees or spend time designing and proving out a reliable cloud architecture.



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