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Crowd Powered Cloud Management.


Exoprise Systems

Exoprise CloudReady® is a unique approach to application performance management that combines active point-of-access monitoring with the power of crowd sourced data analytics to give you real-time insight into the availability and performance of Microsoft Office 365 and other mission critical SaaS applications.


Thinking of moving to the cloud?


Determine your migration costs, benefits, and user readiness with CloudReady Insight:

  • What are my TCO benefits for moving to the cloud?
  • Are my users ready to make the move?
  • What features are important to them?
  • Which users can I move right away and which ones should wait?

Already using mission critical SaaS apps?


Monitor and troubleshoot SaaS application performance with CloudReady Monitor:

  • End-to-end visibility from behind the firewall to cloud and back
  • Real time synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Proactive notification with triggers and alarms
  • Long term performance trending for SLA management


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