The Next generation business application suite.



ExxpertApps is a next generation business application suite that helps companies to manage projects, campaigns, and all their online business. ExxpertApps combines business tools (like a mail factory to send mass mailings) with business knowledge (how to create an e-mail campaign), therefore the name“Exxpert + Apps.”


ExxpertApps’ software integrates next generation enterprise applications that have been built on ExxpertPlatform as a technological base. This basis gives all current and future applications, that run on it, the following features:


  • multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency
  • multi-tennant and multi-user
  • access control to data and functions based on user profiles
  • audit log of all main transactions and functions
  • security and privacy


Note-Calvi Systems has developed an enterprise application platform (ExxpertPlatform) based on the “Cloud Computing” and “Software-as-a-Service” concepts. This platform is used as the basis for all its enterprise applications branded as ExxpertApps.


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