A controlled and secure cloud mobile sync-share platform with Open API



The most advanced technology should not be difficult to use. In fact, our aim is to make you experience the opposite by putting our state-of-the-art technology at your disposal: You don’t need technical knowledge to benefit from the security Fiabee offers. Robust technology that was before available exclusively to large corporations, is now available and made simple for users like you.

Fiabee solves two big issues:

  • All the businesses and corporations are banning the internal use of mass market sync-share solutions because the lack of security and control. Fiabee provides an “out-of-the-box” alternative with a secure and controlled mobile sync-share service for corporations with a centralized admin console, remote wipe capabilities, LDAP authentication integration among others.It can be deployed in a private/public cloud infrastructure or even On premise.
  • But Fiabee also provides an Open REST API that lets corporations to deploy their corporate mobile strategy: there is an increasing number of transactional mobile apps being deployed on corporations. With its REST API, Fiabee can solve the need for homogeneous mobile processes, synchronization, security policies to help corporations to deploy their internal and external mobile strategy.


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