FireScope Business Service Management


Virtualization, IT monitoring and Management


FireScope Business Service Management

The landscape of IT Operations is radically changing. Service Oriented Architectures, Virtualization, blade architecture and other emerging technologies are evolving the data center into a tightly interwoven eco system where events occurring on a single system can impact dozens of others, complicating the task of keeping the lights on and ensuring optimal performance. At the same time, IT leaders are experiencing a renewed push from the business to increase capacity, reduce costs and prove the value that Information Technology brings to the business.


IT finally moves from cost center to a true business center. Business Service Management (BSM) represents the best approach to solving these problems. At its core, BSM aligns your networked assets, such as servers, applications, network infrastructure, into the customer-facing services they provide, such as an ERP solution, Email service or an E-Commerce Website. Unlike traditional monitoring solutions that treat each monitored asset in isolation, BSM treats each asset as a component of a service and correlates not just their individual health, but how each component is impacting the service itself.


Additionally Business Service Management integrates technology metrics with business metrics such as costs per incident, revenue and overhead costs to enable IT leaders to correlate the business impact of technology, prioritize incident response and more accurately plan future growth. For the first time since computers were first introduced into corporate environments, business leaders can finally measure how IT is supporting their business objectives. This creates the opportunity for IT to finally move from cost center to a true business center.


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