Five Hundred Plus


Never lose touch with your contacts again.


Five Hundred Plus

Five Hundred Plus is a web-based dashboard that helps users never lose touch with their business connections. It’s a personal CRM app built on top of the LinkedIn API.

Whether people are in tech, sales, journalism, PR or any other industry where a wide network of contacts is the key to doing business, cultivating that network can make the difference between success and failure.

After having tried almost every CRM solution under the sun to manage their own business network, the creators of Five Hundred Plus had grown sick of endless tabs, clicks, tabs, reports, calendars and features. So they came up with the simplest solution possible: A drag-drop dashboard of contacts that makes it quick and easy to cultivate a network.

The name Five Hundred Plus is a homage to LinkedIn. If someone has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, it’s displayed as 500+.


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