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FluidSurveys is the leading software tool for creating beautiful, intuitive, and powerful surveys.
With FluidSurveys mobile surveys, you can assign many interviewers to go off onto the field to collect data for you. The interviewers can use laptop computers or tablets to collect information for you. Mobile surveys are a great fit when interviewers will not have a constant connection to the internet (imagine door to door or other forms of in-person interviewing). Whenever the interviewers do find a connection to the internet in the future,the responses that they collected will be synced with a central server.


Some of the features include:

  • Online & Offline Functionality
  • Assigning specific surveys/responses to interviewers
  • Conflict resolution
  • Real-time view of results (watch graphs change in realtime as the results are coming in and play back these results to see how responses changed over time).
  • Change interviewers that are assigned to surveys/responses on the fly
  • Edit responses and clean data that is submitted by interviewers
  • Full audit trail of all responses: See how responses were changed over time and who made the changes
  • Full FluidSurveys Analytics back-end: filters, cross-tabs, response viewer, 3d charts, Frequencies, export to SPSS, Excel, DBF, CSV, XML,PDF, Powerpoint, Word, RTF, etc…
  • Advanced FluidSurveys Features: Piping, Looping, Advanced Branching, Extraction, Dynamic grids (2d & 3d)


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