The photo and video platform for creative teams.


GLOBALedit is the leading online photo and video platform that gives content creators and marketing organizations the ability to move easily from capture to distribution faster, more efficiently and in a highly collaborative way.  GLOBALedit helps you save costs and time, whether your needs are local or with teams around the world.  That’s why many of the world’s leading creative brands use GLOBALedit.
Photo & Video ManagementThe GLOBALedit platform was developed by the software division of Industrial Color Brands – a family of vertically-integrated creative production and software companies that provide leading production, post-production, SaaS workflow solutions and related services. The brands operate independently and together to provide solutions for photography, advertising, retail, media and production industries. A range of clients includes the current and next generation of celebrated and soon-to-be celebrated photographers and directors, and preeminent brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Warner Brother Studios, Showtime, New York & Company, HBO, AMC and Turner Broadcasting.


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