The fastest way to schedule your people and notify them of changes via email or SMS.



Why GoAssign?
Let’s take a quick look at how your organization will benefit from using GoAssign:


  • Put an end to painfully drawing up schedules in Excel. Put the headaches of sharing and maintaining these documents behind you.
  • GoAssign enables you to easily create your schedules online, wherever you are, and with lots of features to help you get them done quickly.
  • Improve communication – Do your people still travel into work to check their schedules? Place their schedules at their fingertips by storing them on GoAssign.
  • Eliminate no-shows with GoAssign by taking advantage of our reminder system that will notify them via email or SMS.
  • Be better informed – GoAssign allows your people to quickly and easily provide their unavailability.
  • Coupled with the ability to also see conflicts, you’ll be able to better create your schedules and eliminate double-ups or scheduling people when they are on leave.


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