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Good Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile device security and management is about more than just passwords and policies. It’s about making sure all of your sensitive corporate and employee data remains safe in transit and at rest – on whichever mobile devices your employees choose to use, and however you choose to manage them.


Mobile Device Security


In addition to our secure communication and collaboration offerings, Good’s secure Enterprise Mobility Management solutions offer true data loss prevention by encrypting your information at the device, app, and data level during management. No matter what your enterprise security goals may be, our secure enterprise mobility solutions can help.


  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. Dramatically reduce your organization’s telecom expenses by securing employee-owned mobile devices and allowing them to be used for work purposes.
  • Enterprise mobility management. Secure and control devices, apps, and data—from low- to high-risk management scenarios—throughout your enterprise.
  • Data loss prevention. Prevent the loss of sensitive corporate and employee data by encrypting data over the air, on devices, and within apps.
  • Secure collaboration. Boost employee productivity by offering secure access to collaboration tools such as email, calendar, PIM, browser, and file management.
  • Secure document management. Deliver the application-level encryption and data protection your employees need to share documents safely.
  • Secure business intelligence. Rapidly build, deploy, and manage secure mobile apps that enable remote business intelligence.
  • Secure social business. Offer secure iOS device management and data loss prevention capabilities through social mobile applications.


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