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Grid Dynamics

Consumers are embracing technology for all facets of shopping experience, from awareness to servicing. To win brand loyalty and market share in the age when consumers instantly know everything, companies must embrace technology as core differentiator and competitive advantage.


Grid Dynamics is a new kind of eCommerce technology solutions company. We have big ideas and millennium of experience building advanced custom technology platforms for large-scale eCommerce operations. We have developed five robust solutions essential for every successful eCommerce platform.


Solr-Based, Scalable and Configurable eCommerce Search Platform:


Searching for a product is how every customer begins interacting with an eCommerce store. For large-catalog retailers, a powerful search engine is a core technology. Our solution is the latest word in product search for large-scale eCommerce sites. It is based on open-source technologies Solr/Lucene, enhanced by powerful product-specific search features, designed to integrate with an external catalog, product placement rules, faceted UI, and delivered as a turn-key solution or fully-managed software appliance.


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