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Customer Support Software and Hosted Help Desk Software for Business.



HappyFox is ridiculously easy, powerfully simple customer support and ticket management software: collate, categorize, assign and respond to all customer requests.


Organize Better. Never miss responding to an email again.

A hundred thousand emails all needing your answers yesterday? Tag ‘em, bundle ‘em, categorize ‘em and send ‘em on their way to answerville. HappyFox eats filing cabinets for breakfast.

Assign to the Right Person. Do better as teams.

HappyFox gives you all the tools needed to take charge of the issue and get the answers out. Getting the right man (or woman. Come now, we ought to be politically correct) for the right job couldn’t be any easier.

Respond Faster. Filter out the important.

You can get answers, feedback and tech support out to those who need it, quicker than you can say “Rabbit hole”.

Track Everything. Build your own reports.

Get reports of the day’s work, find out who got what done, how many emails were sent, what’s to be done next and how many different questions were handled.


3 Reasons why you will love HappyFox:


  1. Intuitive interface that helps you focus on your incoming requests
  2. Highly customizable with powerful automation
  3. In-depth reporting with great visual representation


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